• Four (4) 44-stall barns surround an indoor, lighted 89’ x 200’ arena show ring
    • Wide vertical rolling doors on all sides allow ventilation on hot days or they can be closed during inclement weather allowing events to continue in comfort and safety for both spectators and participants
    • A well insulated ceiling ensures respite from the summer’s heat. It is much quieter than an open span metal roof helping to keep the animals calm and performing at their best during clinics, competitions and shows
  • Two-story mezzanine featuring:
    • Show Office and Announcers Booth with a public address and stereo system
    • Meeting room for 35 people
  • On-site canteen facilities
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms
  • Shower facilities
  • Spectator seating for 500+ upgraded in 2010 and loads of FREE parking
  • Comprehensive fire sprinkler system in the arena and barns
  • Outdoor 100’ x 200’ sand based, fenced Ronnie Wilkins Memorial Cattle Penning corral owned by the SNB Cattle Penning Club. May be used for warm-up or competition, at the Exhibitor’s and Event Organizers’ risk, when no Cattle Penning event is taking place. Check the Calendar for any schedule conflicts
  • Outdoor  75’ x 150’ exercise / warm-up area
  • Garbage and animal waste removal service
  • Baled shavings available for bedding, sold at current market price
  • 62 trailer hook-ups with water and 30 amp electrical supply
  • 10 full-service trailer hook-ups with 30 amp electrical supply and sewage
  • 48′ x 220′ Barn with 30+ stalls and an outdoor ring 150′ x 250′, to enable 2 shows to operate at the same time, or to allow larger shows to continue to grow
  • FREE WIFI access

Dell Hendricks
Dell Hendricks, Gold Medal Winner in Reining

at the 2006 World Equestrian Games

“This facility is an awesome, world-class facility. People in this region are lucky to have this. The footing is excellent. I’ve never seen a facility like this in a community as small as Sussex.”

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