Princess Louise Park Show Centre Facility consists of:

4 barns – 24 x 200 (#’s 1,2,3,4 ) surrounding an indoor lighted arena – 89′ x 200′ that has washrooms, show office/meeting space and bleachers

1 – barn- 48 x 220 ( #5)

An outdoor ring 150′ x 250′ beside barn 5

An outside warm up ring 75′ x 150′ at the end of barn 3 and barn 2

The Ronnie Wilkins Memorial Cattle Penning coral – 100′ x 200′ is available for practice and warm up on days there is no cattle penning event – please check schedule to confirm availability. Cattle penning has priority on the coral.

The purpose of the Barn 5 and the outdoor ring expansion was to enable 2 separate events to be held at the same time or to accommodate events that do not have enough space in barn’s 1 to 4 and indoor arena.

Users renting space in barn’s 1- 4 have use of the indoor arena –

Users renting space in barn 5 have use of the outdoor ring.

Users of the indoor arena may rent the outdoor ring to complement their event providing Barn 5 and/or the outside ring is not rented for another event.

Users of Barn 5 and the outdoor ring may rent the indoor arena providing there is no other event during that time.

Users of the outdoor ring may opt to rent stalls in Barn 2 instead of Barn 5 if space is available in that barn. If more stall space is required than available in Barn 2, additional stalls , pending availability , would be available at the appropriate stall price for the building the additional stalls were available.

Users of the facility that utilize barns 1 to 4 and barn 5 at more than the minimum charge for each will have access to the inside arena and the outdoor ring.

When two different organizations book to have events the same weekend, one inside and one outside, the organization with tenure has first rights to the tractor and drag or it can be shared as long as the group with tenure does not require it frequently after races or classes. Discount negotiable for services normally provided but not available

Updated: February 9, 2022

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