Indoor Arena and Barns 1-4

Minimum Charge Per Day (less than 37 stalls)$758.23$113.73$871.96
8' x 8' stalls per night (charged per stall once over 37 stalls)$20.32$3.05$23.36
Arena Rental (minimum 2 hours)$146.10$21.92$168.02
Arena Rental (6 hours)$225.49$33.82$259.31
Arena Rental (8am to 5pm)$338.23$50.73$388.96
Open Barn Rate (arena with no stalls in barn)$890.55$133.58$1024.13
8' x 8' stall per night$20.32$3.05$23.36
Barn 5 stalls per night*$29.22$4.38$33.60

* For shows that require barn 5 and the outdoor ring, this stall rate applies.

Outdoor Ring and Barn 5

Minimum Charge Per day - Barn 5 and outdoor ring (less than 25 stalls)$758.23$113.73$871.96
Outdoor Ring Rental (minimum 2 hours)$84.56$12.68$97.24
Outdoor Ring Rental (6 hours)$169.12$25.37$194.49
Outdoor Ring Rental (8am-5pm)$253.67$38.05$291.72
Open Barn Rate (building only)$672.00$100.80$772.80
Outdoor Ring with Barn 2 Option
(minimum charge per day and outdoor ring) (less than 37 stalls) (providing Barn 2 is available)

NOTE: If more stalls are required for an outdoor show, horses can over flow into one of the other barns, if available, at the regular stall rate.

Semi Service Trailer Hook up (per night)$27.28$4.09$31.38
Full Service Trailer Hook up (per night)$37.00$5.55$42.56
Shavings (per bag) (*subject to change depending on supplier price)$9.25$1.38$10.63
Outside Vendor (per day)$43.48$6.52$50.00
Food Truck (per day)$86.96$13.04$100.00
Deposit (non refundable)$325.00
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