The PLP Show Centre provides safe, dry, cold storage for RVs, boats, cars and agricultural equipment from late October through to mid-April each year. All five buildings have been completely full for the past three seasons. Returning customers have the right to reserve their space for the next year upon payment of a $50.00 deposit when removing their units in the spring.

Please reserve your storage by JUNE 30th.  Unit storage will made available for new customers after that date.

Call (506) 433-4700 or email to inquire about availability for the next season.

Thank you.
Princess Louise Park Show Centre Inc.

We have a few vacancies.

The waiting list from last fall will have first opportunity then we will work on a new list. If you want to put your name on the list for this fall year please  –  email the type, length and height of your unit. If you have a car or small trailer we should be able to accommodate you.

2020 Dry Storage Dates

Oct 31 2020Move in Bldgs 1, 3, Arena
Nov 7 2020Move in Bldgs 2, 4, 5, Arena

2020 Season Storage Rates

Dry Winter StorageRateHSTInvoiced
Rate per foot from extreme points$13.05$1.95$15.00
Cars and half tons / Minimum charge$195.65$29.35$225.00
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